Monodiet: what is it?

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Monodiet is a simple way to lose excess pounds for an important event. However, eating this way is harmful and after you quit the diet your weight is soon gained again. No wonder doctors are against such diets. And it’s a surprising but true fact that doctors advise to have fasting days on the basis of monodiets. Let’s weigh pros and cons.

Classic monodiets

kefir diet

Kefir diet

Kefir is a low-calorie product but at the same time it is easily digested and contains lots of wholesome substances. One must drink only nonfat kefir within 3 days – a glass 5-6 times a day at regular intervals. Drink it without sugar. You can lose 3-4 kilos in the result. If you cannot imagine how to live on kefir only, eat about a kilo of fruit daily as addition to the diet. You can practise this diet once a month.

apple diet

Apple diet

You are allowed to eat 1-2 kilos of apples a day. Some dieticians advise to have a six-day diet. In the first and the sixth days you should eat 1 kilo of apples; in the second and the fifth days – 1.5 kilos, and in the third and the fourth day – 2 kilos a day. One can eat apples whole, grate or bake, though the variety isn’t really wide. If you suffer peracidity opt for sweet sorts of apples. In case your problem is hypoacidity choose sour sorts.

Besides, you can drink herbal potions or green tea without sugar and eat 3-5 pieces of black bread or crisps. This diet is not easy to follow since the organism loses proteins and fat acids within a week’s period. But the result is good too: 5-6 kilos.

rice diet

Rice diet

Rice is very useful. Eastern people love and value this product a lot. It doesn’t cause gastric secretion, doesn’t contain much salt and even absorbs and removes salt and residue. To follow a strict diet one needs to boil a glass of rice and eat it in small portions during the day and wash it down with apple juice. If you feel too hungry, eat an apple or two a day. You can follow this diet for three days but no more often than once a month.

Speaking about an easier diet we can say that one can add some fruit and vegetables to the rice or fatless meat or fish, but no more than 200 gr of that can be consumed a day. And you can drink not sweet juice, tea without sugar or still mineral water. This diet can last for 10 days.

oat diet

Oat diet

Oatmeal is wholesome for stomach, that’s why it helps not only to lose weight but to cure some gastrointestinal diseases. You can shed up to 3-5 kilos within a week of dieting this way.

Cook porriage without salt, sugar and spices and eat it as much as you want. But this diet can’t be easy. Besides, because of the diet’s imbalance one should follow it no longer than a week and no more often than once in six months.

buckwheat diet

Buckwheat diet

This diet is good because you can eat as much of buckwheat as you want. You don’t need to boil it. Just pour boiling water over it and leave it for a night. Then eat it without salt and spices. Buckwheat as well as rice promotes organism purification and boosts haemoglobin.

To add to this you can drink up to one litre of fatless kefir a day, eat not sweet fruit (for instance, two apples) and drink water. Within a week’s period one can lose 3-7 kilos. This diet can be followed once a month.

Watermelon diet

Watermelon diet

If you like watermelons this diet will be a pleasure for you. You can eat the following amount of watermelon pulp: 1 kilo for 10 kilos of body weight. Divide your amount into 5-6 portions and eat those during a day. You can also eat black bread but during intervals between your watermelon meals. One can eat watermelons for 5 days. If you add bread to those the diet can last for 10 days.

Watermelon is good in purifying the organism, clearing the body from chemical waste and toxins, and is a good diuretic. In case you suffer from pancreatic diabetes, diseases of abdominal salivary gland and urogenital system, kidney stone and some other illnesses following this diet is contra-indicated.

Expert’s opinion:

It has been proved that healthily an organism can lose only 100-150 gr of fatty tissue. The process of tissue regeneration is permanent – new cells substitute the old ones. Proteins that come to the organism with meals are the main building material for the process.

But if we decide to go on a monodiet some proteins no longer get into the organism with food and the organism has to take those from his own reserves causing the loss of dry weight – tissue of organs and muscles. To get enough enegry the organism uses blood glucose first and then liver glycogen, then protein from muscles and only after these all it consumes fat deposits. It means that only 2 kilos out of 10 lost are fat cells, while other kilos include water, faeces and dry weight, which is up to 4 kilos.

Each time you follow a monodiet the number of kilos you can shed in the result dicreases and the subsequent increase in weight will be more and more significant.

For normal functioning the organism needs a certain amount of nutrients, vitamins, and microelements dailly. The list of those includes: potassium, sodium, iron, iodine, etc. As the majority of monodiets offer a very limited ration the organism develops a huge deficit of many important elements.

However, there are positive sides here as well. First of all the decision to follow a monodiet means you understand that you don’t eat well. Secondly, monodiets are good as fasting days. If you go for these once or twice a week they will bring perfect results. You’ll allow the organism to purify itself without doing any harm.

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