Modeling Diet form Heidi Klum

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Heidi Klum has called models for healthy eating after having revealed that the models on her show Project Runway have been wolfing down junk food!

“You don’t need to starve, but you have to learn to look after yourself.” – the supermodel told Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

Knowing the hard time of the profession, she added:

“In many cases, the girls (on Project Runway) eat garbage – things like pancakes and waffles and a lot of junk – which is not going to help them. You’d hardly see any of them eating vegetables or salads. Not even an apple. It was kind of shocking. I try to explain to them that they have to be fit.”


“Models need to have some energy to be able to deal with long days on a photo shoot and taking red-eye flights and managing job after job. You won’t last if you’re not eating healthily.”

Models fight for the healthy meals, but nevertheless they are forced to starve in order to get a job. Where is the logic?

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