Miraculous pill to make you slim

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Good news for those who want to become slim fast without doing much!

Scientists are working on an anti-obesity pill that would reduce the fat of overweight people in a half of a week. Sounds incredible, but soon this might make lots of lives happier.

The new pill hasn’t been tested on humans yet but tests on mice have shown that the drug could decrease body weight by a quarter and their fat content by 42 per cent after seven days.

After a month the weight of the mice had been reduced by 28 per cent and their fat mass by 63 per cent.

However, researchers warned that it could take ten or more years to develop the drug for use by patients. The findings were published online in Nature Chemical Biology.

Nevertheless, the results are great in the sense scientists have found a new approach to treat obesity and adult-onset diabetes.

The pill described here is an artificial hormone intended to regulate glucose metabolism. According to previous studies this hormone can effectively suppress appetite and lead to weight loss by increasing the body’s calorie usage.

Dr Richard DiMarchi, of Indiana University in the U.S. said:

Obesity and its associated consequences, including adult-onset diabetes, remain a primary health and economic threat for modern societies.’

Dr DiMarchi said acute glucagon administration reduces food intake in animals and humans, and can also promote weight loss.

He added:

Pharmacological treatment of obesity using single agents has limited efficacy or presents risk for serious adverse effects.No single agent has proven to be capable of reducing body weight more than 5 to 10 per cent in the obese population.

Combination therapies using multiple drugs simultaneously may represent the preferred pharmaceutical approach to treat obesity, and there is ample precedent for combination therapy in treatment of chronic diseases.

Here we present results that prove the principle that single molecules can be designed that are capable of simultaneously activating more than one mechanism to safely normalize body weight.’

Cambridge University professor of clinical biochemistry Stephen O’Rahilly said:

It is important that these are demonstrated to be effective and safe in animal models before going forward with trials in humans.’

He added:

Many promising drugs fall down when tried in humans either because they don’t work sufficiently well or because of side effects.

It is far too early to tell whether this molecule will be one of the exceptions and become a safe and effective treatment for obesity in humans.’

But he concluded:

I hold out considerable hope for the discovery of safe and effective anti-obesity therapies.’

So, on the one hand, plenty of people now have hope to become slimmer with no problems, but on the other hand, I feel doubtful it would be very safe. Let’s live and see.

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