Mindful Eating or How Concentration Can Help to Lose Weight

Scientists claim concentration can really help to lose weight. Read on to learn what one should concentrate on to get rid of several extra pounds and how one can stick to the so called mindful eating to lose weight almost effortlessly.

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Eat everything you want, but concentrate on what you are eating right now, that is what scientists affirm. The latest scientific research shows that keeping mind on your meals can help to lose weight. Such mindful eating presupposes that your brain would get enough time to ‘listen’ to your body.

Mindful Eating or How Concentration Can Help to Lose Weight

Mindful eating is a remarkably simple but powerful tool which can transform not only what we eat but also the way we think about food and how much we enjoy it.

says Megrette Fletcher, co-founder of the Centre for Mindful Eating in the US.

Actually the process of digestion consists in several signals between our nervous system and stomach and 20 minutes are necessary for brain to ‘understand’ that the person is full, which means that the faster you eat the more you would overeat!

Mindful Eating or How Concentration Can Help to Lose Weight

What is more important is that one should concentrate on the process of eating itself dismissing everything that can distract. The same research shows that such distractions as watching TV, playing computer games, talking or reading during the lunchtime prevent us from keeping in mind everything what we’ve eaten. And actually such absent-mindedness can cost us a couple of extra pounds! Memorizing of everything you eat is the key point in suppressing appetite and avoiding all these unhealthy afternoon snacks which by the way lead to extra weight. Thus researchers claim that in order not to gain weight one should eat slowly, keeping mind on its taste, flavor, and even color.

Simple measures such as stepping away from the computer for a few minutes at lunchtime or finding some time in the evening to eat without being distracted by TV or computer will allow people to notice the flavor and texture of what they are eating and enjoy it more.

So mindful eating and proper concentration would leave you much more slender and therewith pleased with your mealtimes.

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