Men’s Awkward Diets

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Women are ready to stay on the kefir and apple diets for only one purpose – to catch the admired eyes of men. But the representatives of the softer sex can’t even imagine what men can do in the pursuit of the slenderness.

Fat Man

Pythagor refused from meat

Greek philosopher Pythagor was one of the first vegetarians. The tinker thought that following strict rules will provide him a place in paradise. Though for us this theory sounds weird.

One more interesting fast is that Pythagor stayed away from beans as well. His students tried to guess at this strangeness. Later they came to the conclusion that the refusal from beans was linked simply to the fast that they caused abdomen swelling.

Mens Diet1

King of England abused

According to the legend the king of England William the Conqueror discovered that he simply couldn’t mount a horse – he was too stout for that. Instead of being dejected, the courageous warrior had decided to back his sporty shape and went on a diet.

He refused from food at all replacing it by alcohol. Hahaha – was my reaction. But in fact he really lost some pounds and could ride a house soon. The saddest thing is that he turned up his toes pretty soon after such a rough diet.

Lord Byron drank vinegar

It’s hard to believe but a true dandy lord Byron had been very fat at the age of 18. The strong will to be liked and look like his characters had forced him to declare war on the excess pounds. He even tried some drastic measures – vomiting powders and enemas. That nearly ruined the poet.

After that he established his own system of meals that he combined with physical trainings and hot baths. His breakfast included a cup of strong tea and uncooked egg, lunch – some sponge cakes and dinner – boiled vegetables and wine.

Mens Awkward Diets

By the way, George Gordon Byron was a vegetarian just like Pythagor, Leonardo da Vinci and Platon. The result was incredible judging by the diet combining stuff – he had lost weight.

But didn’t achieve that painless like he wanted. So he opted for another component – vinegar. He soaked his food in it before eating and afterwards he finally reached the aim. However, he plunged into dissipation from time to time gaining the weight.

Casanova liked chocolate

Indefatigable lover and ladies man Giacomo Girolamo Casanova thought that daily menu should include the products inspiring passion. His ration was variable – hard-boiled eggs with anchovys, Roquefort with Burgundy wine, pastes made of goose liver and champain.

He liked sweets a lot and chocolate in particular as it caused excitement to his mind. Hot chocolate with ambergris could bring back the man’s strength and help in love.

Mens Diet

Funeral parlour owner invented a diet

In the 1860th London was captured by the new diet fashion by William Banting – the owner of a small funeral parlour. Despite the fact that he was very active in sport – went in for rowing, walked a lot and took some special baths, he kept gaining weight in leaps and bounds. And when his weight achieved the rate of 220 pounds, doctors recommended him to accept the situation. But he didn’t.

He found the way out – he excluded dairy products, beer, bread and sugar out of his ration. That was how he founded the first real diet. It was based on the three-meals-a-day program: meat-fish-wine.

The breakfast of the funeral parlour consisted of lean beef, fish and a cup of tea. Lunch – again sea and river inhabitants (except for the fat sorts), vegetables and a glass of dry wine. Dinner – fish or meat with a glass of the noble drink. Though the official medicine rejected this diet, Willian Banting was a true and first example of his own product.

Mens Awkward Diets1

African men diet

One of the African tribes hailed portly and well-fed men. It was believed that the main distinction of a youth from a man was his weight that represented his greatness. To attain perfection young men went on a special diet. They had porrige and milk for meals and turned for the low-activity.

The researchers counted that they gained around 13 000 calories a day. A man who gained around 45 pounds could become Apollo according to the local measures: fatty belly, and hips covered with big fat folds. African woman went into raptures seeing such a hunk.

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