Mango Helps Dieting

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Recent research at the products dieting issues showed the results that mango extract has a marvelous ability to reduce the weight and regulate the rate of so called “bad” cholesterol.

The scientists have tested the extract of the seeds of this plant and found out that its natural components control the metabolic processes in the organism.

Mango Helps Dieting1

102-over-weighted-people have been tested. The subjects of the experiment ate mango 2 times a day during 10 weeks. Moreover, no a single under-tested has undergone any special diet and done his/her usual every day life.

By the end of the experiment all the participants lost for 22 lb on average. In addition, the level of the cholesterol and sugar in their blood diminished significantly.

Mango Helps Dieting

Presently the specialists keep examining the mango extract and plan to launch a medicine on its basis that will be able to help in dieting.

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One Response to “Mango Helps Dieting”
  1. Lawal Says:


    Interesting and helpful information, though I wish there was more. I am trying raw fruit & veg dieting and so far so good. Lost 16lb (1stone) in 17 days, with exercising of course.

    At first I tried juicing quiet a lot of fruits but then I realized how expensive it will get, mangoes I get a lot and for free (thanks to them grown on the farm) so i blend them and drink that but in that last two days I started eating them as well. They compromise about 70% of what I take in the diet. I think followed by cucumbers and maybe carrots.. With additional salads, dates, plenty water and green tea.

    More information about mangoes will be nice but thanks for the above provided..

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