Losing Weight is Even Harder Than You Think

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Last night the scientists reported that weight loosing is twice as hard as you thought it would be. They reported that dieters’ high expectations are less likely to be realized as metabolism slows down when we shed pounds.

But everything is not that bad as the same experts created an online calculator that allows those on diet to correct their expectations and get a more realistic picture of their potential weight loss achievements.
The Body Weight Simulator website ( figures what amount of food the person have to consume or how many exercises to perform in order to reach his or her goal.

It was generally considered in UK and USA that cutting out 500 calories from your daily ration by nearly 500 calories will lead to losing a pound of extra weight per week. But this assumption doesn’t take into account the fact that person’s metabolism slows down along with the weight loss, what makes the following pounds harder to lose.

So, during the annual conference of American Association for the Advancement of Science’s, it was stated that extra weight is twice as hard to drop. So, if we take into account this statement, then only 5lb a week can be lost by cutting 100 calories from person’s daily ration while according to the older rule the lost would make 10lb.


So, don’t have high expectation from the weight losing process. Losing more than a half a pound per week is already a good result.

Boyd Swinburn, an obesity expert from Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, commented:

This is extremely good. This is a marathon not a sprint.

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