Lose weight without harming your health

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Lots of girls dream of being slim but don’t want to go dieting or starving as these can harm their health badly. There are some other ways to lose weight without being injurious to one’s health.

It’s doing exercises and eating healthy food.


Besides, moderate dieting is also useful. By following some healthy eating habits you can achieve good results, but don’t expect them too soon! So, this is what you should do:

Chew slowly
As our life gets faster we want to spend less time on our meals trying to fulfill plenty of tasks while eating: we drive, type, read and so on.

This becomes a habit which we follow even when we don’t need to hurry. Slow chewing helps your digestion and enables you to savor your food.

De stress yourself before you dine
Before you sit down at the table and start eating relax and take a deep breath. Try listening to your favorite music. This will prepare your organism and digestive system to eating your meals.

Have some water before you take your meals
If you want to lose weight drink some water to fill your belly, this will restrict your desire to eat. Carbonated beverages are not a good option. Ice cold water will boost your metabolism a bit.


Don’t multitask yourself
Try to avoid or at least restrict yourself doing any other activity while you are eating. Make sure you don’t read any magazines or watch TV as you are likely to pay more attention to those activities rather than your food and as a result you can over eat. Besides, you may form a habit to eat while watching the television that is also bad.

Wait After you Dine
When you’ve finished eating, stand up and sit on the table or any other place, NOT at the table. Spend some time talking with someone or petting your dog to wait until your organism signals that you are absolutely done eating. If you keep on sitting at the table you can be tempted to pick and eat up leftovers.

Try using a smaller plate
This is a purely psychological thing. Your organism doesn’t actually care which plate you use while eating. What your organism reacts to is the view of an empty plate. When eating from a smaller plate you would reduce your food content and automatically go to slimming down.

This is because a large plate would come with larger food quantity, while a smaller plate would come with smaller quantity. Thus by using a smaller plate you reduce eating.

Keeping these easy tips in mind you will reduce the amount of food you eat and combining this with daily exercises can give you good results. Just don’t be lazy and don’t indulge your weaknesses.

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Mona Liz

Mona Liz is a beauty and healthy lifestyle enthusiast with a passion for writing, music, cats, fitness, and food.
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