Lip balm to help you lose pounds?

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A Burner Balm has been invented to help you lose weight. Sounds a bit strange…

burner balm
But as it turns out this lip balm contains weight loss ingredients – green tea, hoodia and caffeine. These come to the organism through your mouth, to be precise your lips. Literally you have to lick the balm off your lips.

The creator of a unique cosmetic product, Dr Allan Kurtz, says the balm will energize you, curb your appetite and burn fat.

For those girls who don’t like licking their lips, the ingredients can also seep into their system through the blood vessels in lips.

Well, hope this really works. It would be so nice to have a lip balm that moisturizes and works to make you slimmer!

Burner balm is available exclusively from HQ Hair, $8.3 at

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