Kim Kardashian Acted For a Salad Sexy Ad

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The 29-year-old Kim Kardashian stars in an advertisement for American fast food chain Carl’s Jr. using her sensual experience.

Kim Kardashian fast food chain Carls Jr ad4

Kim is seen lying on a bed, eating a salad wearing nothing but a cream colored robe over a lingerie set.

In another scene she is seen in the bath, naked, covered only by bubbles as she pops a slice of apple into her mouth.

The mid of the Kardashian sisters has recently been on a health kick herself, slimming down after a magazine in the States released a photo of her that had not been retouched – exposing her cellulite.

Complex magazine mistakenly posted the wrong picture of the star, one that hadn’t been airbrushed.

The magazine quickly replaced the shot with the official retouched photo, but not fast enough to prevent it spreading across the internet.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    f*** off, the video is private?????

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