K Diet: Pros and Cons

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You have probably heard about the special K diet that will let you lose up to 6 pounds in only 2 weeks, if you just eat the cereal. Today we are going to explore the pros and cons of the K diet, trying to determine whether it actually works.

special K Diet

K Diet: Yay or Nay

Special K diet is promising to lose weight if you will stick to the diet, which consists of consuming mostly the Special K products. Initially, the plan is easy, as you have to eat the cereal twice a day with skim milk. This means that two of your daily meals should be focusing entirely on K cereal. The third meal should be usual.

In addition to eating the cereal, Special K, which by the way is produced by Kellog company, you can eat the Special K snacks bars. The trick in following this diet is that you reduce the amount of calories to about 1500 per day, as opposed to 2000 calories intake in usual days.

Generally, if you follow the diet and eat up to 1500 per days you will slim down. However, the diet is very boring and not very nutritional, consisting mostly of fiber. It is most likely that a person can’t stick to this kind of a diet for a long time, because she or he would feel hungry all the time. Besides, the diet would make you feel tired, since there is very little nutritional value in it.

Alternatively, you could just drop the amount of calories that you consume, but instead eat the products which are of more nutritional value. This will ensure your commitment, and you won’t feel any headache due to malnutrition. So basically the pros of the K cereal diet is that you might lose weight, however the big cons is that you are not likely to stick to the diet if it is not nutritional. Instead K cereal can be your starter, because it is generally a diet product, in combination with which you are most likely to drop some weight.

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