How To Tame Sweet Tooth

Excess sugar is not only responsible for excess weight but also inflammation in the body that leads to various health problems. There are couple of tricks to reserve to in order to cut the sugar intake and tame that sweet tooth.

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How To Tame Sweet Tooth

Oh, sweet tooth can be such a figure killer it’s unfair. But what to do to tame the sweet tooth without piling on pounds? There are some good tricks to lower the sweets intake or at least make sure those sweet treats won’t hurt the figure.

Cut On Sugars

Sweets aren’t the only foods that contain sugar. Pasta, ketchup, dressings, low-fat yogurt, diet coke – all contain sugar that adds to the calories in your diet. So in order to keep figure and enjoy sweets try to reduce the overall sugar intake. Opt for whole foods that aren’t loaded with sugar and always read labels and count the sugars contained in foods. Also opt for less sweet sweets like dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate or a frozen plain yogurt with your own added sugar and other additives.

How To Tame Sweet Tooth

Swap Sweets for Fruit

May sound painfully familiar but it’s better than nothing. Fresh fruit, berries and fruit deserts with yogurt or sprinkle of cinnamon will tame sweet tooth and won’t hurt figure as much as chocolate or pastry would. Try to stick mainly with fresh fruit as dried or canned fruit still have added sugar. This also goes for packaged juice, make your own from fresh fruit.

Opt for Natural Sugars

Avoid artificial sweeteners used in soda drinks. These sweeteners make you crave for more sugar as the regular intake seems not as sweet after them. Processed white sugar isn’t healthy so swap it for brown one.

Lower sugar intake will not only help keep figure but also avoid inflammation and other health problems like diabetes. Eating away stress with food and sweets is also not a healthy thing so try to evaluate why you crave sweets. If it’s from stress opt for healthier stress-reliving solutions like massage, workout or a hobby.

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