How to Loose Weight after Holidays

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Hi, guys. The Holidays are over. But in case you couldn’t resist the delicious viands and now you face the horrifying figures on the scales, there are simple tips to loose the pounds gained along the holiday feasts. The tips depend on the result you want to get at the end.

How to Loose Weight after Holidays

If your goal is to get rid of:

2 pounds. You’ll need about 2-3 days. Just stop eating sweets and farinaceous food. Stop overeating as well.

6 pounds. You’ll cope with this unwelcome weight during 1-2 weeks without any serious sufferings. Don’t eat sweets, farinaceous food, nothing spicy or smoked. And that’ll be great if you take a couple of fasting days.

8 pounds. It’ll take you about one month to loose 8 pounds. The restrictions are the same but high physical activity in addition.

How to Loose Weight after Holidays1

16 pounds. Don starve! It’s a long term diet – almost one year. But it’s a kind of guarantee that the lost weight won’t come back (if you don’t try hard of course). Everything you have to do is to change your life style and learn to be happy with some other things besides food.

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