How to Loose Weight after Giving Birth

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A child birth is a very special moment for every woman that brings new feelings into the life along with emotional and physical changes. There are very few women who can undergo through their own body pregnancy changes with no worry.

And there is almost no a woman who doesn’t want to loose weight after birth. Unfortunately, young moms are inclined to misuse, by no means, the unhealthy ways of weight loss following the celebs example who look stunning after delivery.

How to Loose Weight after Giving Birth

Nature’s ruse

Pregnancy weight gaining is a pretty natural physical process. The organism prepares itself for the carrying of a pregnancy changing the endocrine profile. As a result of metabolic process modification there amassed some adipose tissue around the hips and stomach. It changes the appearance of woman no doubts brining the femininity to her.

But, this process of fat gaining can be increased a lot by the woman herself. There is an opinion that pregnant women should eat doubled portions to feed herself and the kid as well. But that’s the wrong approach to the healthy baby carrying. Physical processes are distributed in the way she needs small increase of taking calorie (maximum 500). But the attention should be paid first of all onto the rationalization of the meals than onto the calorie content.

How to Loose Weight after Giving Birth1

Moreover, lots of women think that they should stay away from any physical training thus breaking all links with sport. It is well-grounded if there is some pathology of this period, but in general pregnant woman needs the adequate physical loading as it prepares the organism for the delivery and stimulates the metabolism and blood flow for both.

So, these and some other reasons influence the body mass gain. The slight part of it goes away when giving birth, but the rest is left with woman – 20, 30 and even 40 lb. How can you manage with this situation?

How to Loose Weight after Giving Birth2

In spite of everything a lot of women go on a strict diet. And sometimes, it’s the wrong one. Think, the excessive fat has been gathered for 9 months and it’s pretty unwise to think that you can loose it in a crack. There should be balanced and soothe weight loss if you are aimed at the health keeping.

First of all, irrational – unbalanced diets are dangerous! The woman should restore herself for two months after the delivery – ordinary meals but not to torture instead.

Secondly, such extreme diets can’t bring your previous weight back anyway but they can aggravate the situation – constant hunger leads to the “refrigerator syndrome”.

How to Loose Weight after Giving Birth3

Thirdly, simply don’t overeat! Widely spread myth: the amount of food enlarges the volume and quality of the breast milk. Balanced ration influences the content of the milk but not the huge piles of meals. By the way, prolactin is the hormone that promotes mother’s milk production. Some other hormones, including estrogens, and reflex nipples stimulation influence its secretion.

Fourthly, there is a proved medical fact: a woman loses the weight during the period of feeding the baby due to the hormone rearrangements. Yes, she looses the weight instead of gaining it as it’s accepted to think. The conclusion, if you want to bring your before-pregnancy body back, burse your child.

It looks, it’s high time to say good buy to the misleading opinions that breastfeeding spoils the shape of the breast and there is no milk, than it won’t come. The main point is the right approach to lactation and breast care.

How to Loose Weight after Giving Birth4

Pay your attention on to the physical trainings. There are lots of methods of toning up the muscles and tonus regeneration of the tired-of-pregnancy organism.

Physicians recommend starting the work out in 6-8 weeks after the natural delivery and 9-10 weeks after cesarean.

To be continued…

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