How to keep slim?

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There is a lot of advice on how to get slimmer but once you get slim the question arises: how to keep slim?

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The tips on how to remain slim are not much different from those on how to become slim. These include:

Treat yourself with a cheeseburger once in a while. Restricting oneself all the time is too hard or even often impossible. So, if you wish to indulge yourself, go for it, but do that as rarely as you can. Besides, don’t order the French Fries along with your burger trying to justify yourself with the fact you have already ordered much!

If you can’t stop at one – avoid all. To prevent yourself from eating too many things at once, avoid meals which can be accompanied with other foods. You may discover that a chocolate chip cookie triggers uncontrollable cravings but one square of dark chocolate appeases your sweet tooth quite nicely.

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Lose weight for your own purposes. Your weight lost goals should revolve only around you and no one else, including your boyfriend. Just think about the benefits of changing your lifestyle.

In winter don’t allow yourself to gain weight! This will be difficult to remove during spring. Keep a bikini or a skimpy sun dress on the back door of your bathroom to be able to see yourself wearing it every time you want to eat too much.

You can do nothing about genetics but don’t allow yourself sitting and crying over it. There are still things you can do. First of all be realistic. Don’t expect to be a size two if all your family members are far from that. But being a healthy size 10 is a good thing! Keep exercising, walk, choose the stairs over the escalator, etc.

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Do not overestimate the effect of workouts. Most people tend to overestimate the number of calories burned. After a great workout indulge yourself with a bath or a massage not food.

Avoid buffets and delis. Many people love buffets because of the variety but these are very tempting to use too often as you can overindulge. To be on the safe side, just avoid the places.

Avoid hefty salads. Although salads are said to be good for slimming down, sometimes they can be too caloric. A salad with tons of toppings might be just as many calories as a burger.

Just because you think the meal is healthy it doesn’t always mean it IS healthy. Organic potato chips have just as many fat grams as regular potato chips. So, be careful!

Good bye! Keep slim and healthy!

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