How to Keep Figure During Holidays

Holidays are pretty soon and they aren't quite diet-friendly but with a couple of tricks you can both indulge in some favorite holiday meals and still keep your figure.

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Holidays come with an abundance of parties, food and sweets that can hinder anyone’s diet. The temptation is great and the dishes are numerous so what one has to do to keep figure healthy and fit? First of all enjoy the party and the people because the holidays are not about food. Or not only about it. Enjoy the music, films, and communication. Think of food as a nice little bonus to the holidays.

How to Keep Figure During Holidays

Cook Healthier Foods

Healthier dishes are lower in calories and fat and still they can taste delicious. Think fresh veggie salads, poultry instead of red meat, fruit deserts instead of sugary sweets. Even if you have to cook fatty high-calorie foods for the family and guests make yourself a few healthier alternatives. By eating healthier foods you’ll be able to keep your figure during holidays.

Control Your Portions

Going out or receiving guests is common for holidays. But in order to keep your figure control portions of food by using a medium plate rather than a large plate. Fill it modestly with foods that go well together like meat and veggies rather than meat and bread, for instance.

Enjoy Your Food

Enjoy your food. Instead of beating yourself up for every bit of fatty tasty foods eat slowly realizing what you’re eating and enjoying every bite. This way you’ll feel full without overeating and bloating. Chew thoroughly to help your stomach process foods easily and enjoy the taste of the dish.

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