How not to gain weight after the holidays.

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Are you going to celebrate Christmas and New Year Holidays?


Have you already thought over what you are going to prepare for the table? I have! And I should say that there will be lots of nourishing and high-calorie dishes on my table!

So, how can we keep our figures in the right weight after these great parties?


I can tell you 6 little secrets how not to gain weight after the holidays:

1. Eat one or two apples, pears, oranges or kiwi fruits before the party but steer clear of bananas . It’ll allow you not to attack the table as far as you aren’t terribly hungry.


2. Don’t eat fruit after meat, fish or so to say in the end. Fruit is digested for about 15-20 minutes and the main ingredients – 2 hours. Having got in your stomach fruits are the last to be digested. So they can simply be fermented and as a result cause some troubles with your digestion.

3. Start your meal with light salads. Try to choose salads with few components. Salads are easily assimilated and they will surely give you the feeling of satiation.

losing weight

4. Don’t eat bread. I can assure you that there will be some other days you can eat it.

5. Go to the main dishes after salads but remember about food combining. For example, it’s better to give preference to meat or hum for the Christmas Eve and to the fish and seafood for the New Year party. Don’t pile your plate with all salads and other stuff all together.

6. The last and the main! Don’t hurry! Let this tasty process take you more than 2 minutes. Chew every piece carefully and slowly. Enjoy your meal!

We have so many holidays the year round, but keeping in mind these 6 simple rules you won’t be afraid of gaining weight!

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2 Responses to “How not to gain weight after the holidays.”
  1. Dell Says:

    Merry Xmas! Nice blog!

  2. Jenny Says:

    there will be so many really delicious meals that i even can’t imagine restraining myself. The ideas are good any way.

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