Healthy Summer Diet Plan

Summer is the best time to get rid of extra pounds, as motion activity increases naturally, regardless of our lifestyle and weight. One can lose some extra pounds effortlessly and unwittingly especially if to stick to a certain summer diet plan. Want to learn how to speed up weight-loss process, check out our healthy summer diet plan.

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Healthy Summer Diet Plan

Lots of greens, vegetables and fruit should become the basis of your summer eating plan. It will help you to lose extra pounds, detox your body, keep in shape and stay healthy. Stick to our healthy summer diet plan and enjoy great results.

Fresh salads should be necessarily included in your summer eating plan. Green salads made of fresh vegetables are delicious and rich in vitamins. Moreover there are a countless number of possible salad recipes. One can endlessly experiment with various combinations of cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes and other healthy delicacies.

Healthy Summer Diet Plan

Our healthy summer two-week diet plan would appear indispensible for those who want to lose extra weight quickly. You can lose up to 10 lb just in a couple of weeks! Here is the summer diet plan itself:

The First Week

You can drink a liter of low-fat yogurt drink during the day.

For breakfast: drink a glass of water with lemon 30 minutes before eating the salad. Then make a fruit salad with green apple, pear, and orange. Dress the salad with low-fat yogurt.

For lunch and dinner: make a fresh salad with any of your favorite vegetables, except potato and dress it with olive oil or lemon juice.

The Second Week

Eat the same salads, but add 100 g of lean meat to your lunch.

And the last, only green tea and water with lemon is allowed to drink while you’re dieting.

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