Healthy snacks at work

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One more day has passed. You were busy and didn’t have time for lunch. The only snack you could afford was far from being called healthy and nourishing.

Just think over your every day meal! Spending the majority of the day time at work you rarely have a chance to eat lunch as you do it at home.

Woman Eats Chips
Chips, sandwiches, ramens and so on – are the foods that negatively affect our health, our skin, our hair and teeth as well. Don’t be puzzled like: “What to do? I’m busy! Should I starve to death?” No way!

Healthy Eating Cereal
I offer you a month of the proper snacks at work!
Our aim is to change our meal system!

Healthy Eating At Work

Our strategy is to gain our strong will and refuse all that bad and body-harming products changing them for the benefit of the healthy ones. Next time when you are ready to buy something for a snack just choose the list of the third column from the table below.

Refuse from:


Change it for:


Chips, crackers, biscuits. Rich in calories.

Don’t contain healthy ingredients.

Negatively effect the liver.

Muesli (mixed up with yoghurt). Improve the mental work.

Contain the carbohydrates.

Give energy.

Candy snack bar. Rich in calories. Bar-muesli. Contains honey and fructose.

Gives energy.

Sausage sandwiches Sausage contains many synthetic additives.

One does not go with the other.

Cereals’ sandwiches with cheese. Have vitamins (B group) and calcium.

Low-fat cheese lessens cholesterol rate and improves memory.

Carbonated beverages. Have lots of unhealthy additives and coloring agents.

Rich in sugar.

Orthophosphoric acid washes calcium out of the organism.

Green tee with honey. The tee improves the capacity for work, removes toxins.

Rich in vitamins (С, Р, В1, РР).

Hovey improves the immunity, activates the brain cells’ work, beneficial for the gut organisms.

Quick-cooking products (soups, purées, ramens). Contain lots of salt, additives, gluconates, coloring agents. Natural hot cereal.

Dried fruit.

Cooked cereals have good effect on digestion.

Dried fruit – is the fount of the vitamins and nutrients.

Milk chocolate. Contains synthetic additives. Plain chocolate. Improves the resistive capacity of the organism against the viruses.

Normalizes blood pressure.

Heightens up the spirits.

Dried crusts. High-caloried.

Contain lots of additives, coloring agents.

Nuts. Circassian walnut improves the immunity, stimulates the weight loss.

Hazelnut activates the brain cells’ work.

Brasil nut improves the skin and hair condition.

Eating Well At Work
So, let’s start our one month marathon for healthy eating at the work places!

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