Healthy & Filling Snacks

Snacks between the meals should be light but filling. They also should be healthy so here are some ideas for healthy but filling snacks that are easy to make.

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Snacks are great at curbing food cravings and keeping us from overeating. But there are snacks that are good and then there are bad ones. The former are both healthy and filling and the latter are full of fat and sugar. It’s always a good idea to read labels to check calories and ingredients. Avoid additives like sugar, especially artificial and processed foods.

Plain Yogurt With Fresh Fruit

Healthy Figure Friendly Snacks

Avoid any dairy products with added sugars. If you wan to sweeten them just add fresh fruit. Plain yogurt can be frozen into a delicious low-calorie desert. Fruit and berries taste great with yogurt. Think mangoes, strawberries, and apples.


Healthy Figure Friendly Snacks

Nuts and organic nut butter make for healthy and filling snacks. A handful of unsalted nuts or a teaspoon of almond/peanut butter with a slice of fruit can fill you in between the meals as well as curb the sweet food cravings. Watch out for allergies though and don’t overeat nuts.

Cheese With Fruit

Healthy Figure Friendly Snacks

Eat a slice of your favorite cheese with fresh slices of fruit. Some cheeses are higher in fat so reduce the portions if your favorite kind is high in calories.

Apparently fresh fruit and vegetables can curb food cravings too. So pick up those for your taste and snack on them between the meals. If you are going to make a salad be careful not to use fatty dressings stick with salt and pepper, lemon juice or olive oil.

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