Eat yogurt every day!

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Do you want to improve your digestion and make your immune system stronger? You don’t have to do much, just include yogurt into your daily ration.


This dairy product has been known to people for hundreds of years. It contains lots of nutrients which help the organism to cope with infections. Eat yogurt every day and soon you’ll notice how helpful it is!

Nutritive value of yogurt

Yogurt is a product obtained from milk oxidation by lactobacilli bulgaricus and lactobacilli thermophilus. These bacteria do not do harm and during the process of milk processing they produce nutritive substances necessary for their vital function. These substances are very useful for people’s health too.

As a result yogurt contains much more of vitamins B12, B3 and A than milk does! B group vitamins are needed to get energy from eating products, improve the work of the nerve system and regulate the cholesterol level in the blood.

Vitamin A helps to keep your skin and eyes healthy and is necessary for the organism to fight infections. That is why if you have yogurt every day you provide the organism with enough nutrients and vitamins.

Improvement of digestion

Useful yogurt bacteria help the organism to keep the right intragastric acidity and thus prevent constipations and diarrhea, favor assimilation of nutrients. Yogurt is very useful for those who suffer digestive system disorders, for example, chronic dyspepsia, gastritis and other diseases.

Even people for whom lactose (milk sugar) is contra-indicated can have yogurt as bacteria have already processed the lactose and turned it into nutritive substances.

Toxin excretion

And the last but not the least, useful yogurt bacteria fight with harmful bacteria and control the formation of toxins.

In 1990 it was discovered that yogurt can treat some bacterial infections. Lactobacillus bulgaricum supplant harmful bacteria. Besides, useful bacteria help in allergy and tumor treatment, they resist negative influence of environmental pollutants, such as mercury and pesticides. One more thing to mention to useful bacteria advantage – they promote the immune system cell division.

Doctors recommend eating yogurt every day. But be careful with one sold in usual stores and supermarkets, they contain too much of refined sugar and few bacteria. My advice to you is to make yogurt at home if you want to be sure it is fresh and of high quality.

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