Eat slowly to get slimmer

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We are what we eat – it’s a common truth. But we are how we eat too – this has just been proved by researchers. The study has revealed that the fater we eat the fatter we become. So, it’s not just indigestion that we get form wolfing down the meal but excess pounds as well.

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The study has shown that people who consume food too quickly are more likely to overeat than those who dine at a more leisurely rate. All this is related to hormones. Scientists believe eating fast stops the release of a hormone that tells the brain when the stomach is full.

So, chewing the food at least 20 times is a reasonable thing, not just the old wives’ tale. Professor Stephen Bloom, of Imperial College, London, who worked on the study, said that the trend for office workers and those who have short breaks to eat too quickly leads to obesity epidemic.

Speed-eating, eating at work or when you’re doing spreadsheets on the screen so that you keep stuffing food into your face are likely to increase the risk of obesity,’ he said. ‘There is no doubt that if you eat more slowly, which is perfectly controllable, you are more likely to be able to slim.’

One of the studies involved people eating ice-cream. Some were asked to eat it fast, while others were told to enjoy it slowly. In the result blood samples from diners were compared. Those who took the full 30 minutes to eat the ice cream had higher levels of the hormones in their blood and described themselves as feeling fuller than those who rushed.

So, dear ladies, eat healthy food and do it slowly if you don’t want to add a few more inches to your waist.

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  1. J. Ramirez Says:

    There are now “plates for eating slowly” on the market that keep food hot while food is enjoyed slowly; they are also called “Heat retentive plates”

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