Dukan Diet: Eat Well and Stay Svelte!

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Dukan is a new diet sensation this year! Wonder how models as peerless Gisele Bundchen or stars as J Lo can eat well and stay svelte? The secret of their staying svelte is Dukan diet! The idea of the Dukan diet is that one can enjoy gourmet food and stay svelte! This protein-packed diet was worked out by French nutritionist and eating behavior specialist Dr. Pierre Dukan.

Dukan Diet: Eat Well and Stay Svelte!

How Dukan Diet works

The Dukan diet is a 4-phase weight loss programme. It helps reducing one’s appetite, and what is more important you won’t have to count calories tediously.

The Dukan diet also includes the post-diet period in order to help you stay svelte even after the whole diet course.

The phases includes: pure protein attack phase (eating unlimited amount of high-protein products, such as meat and fish), cruise phase (adding vegetables), consolidation phase (including fruit, bread, cheese and even alcohol), and stabilization phase (eating and drinking whatever you like). But learn one Dukan rule: protein on Thursdays for good!

Dukan Diet: Eat Well and Stay Svelte!
Dukan celebrated followers

And the ever-increasing number of Dukan followers all over the world is another striking demonstration of the fact that the diet really works. So elated by success, Dr. Pierre Dukan united with French chefs and launched a wonderful collection of recipes to eat well and stay svelte. Find out splendid DIET recipes exclusively from Dukan!

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