Drinking water – good or bad? Part I

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There is hardly a single object in nature that contains no water. Even stones and magma include some amount of it. And living beings and plants consist up to 70-95% of water.

Water is inside us

Origin of species, continental drift, climate changes – all are based on water. Water is believed to have lots of various properties and some of them have already been proved to be true. Water has memory, reacts to environment, has a huge amount of energy and plenty of other physical and chemical properties.

It’s only water that can change its state in typical climatic conditions: be gaseous, liquid and solid. Many nations have myths about water as an elixir of life. Water treats and water kills.

Why drink water?

Everything is very simple. If the organism loses at least 10 per cent of water the health is negatively affected. Metabolism is disturbed and even central nervous system suffers.

Doctors claim that when a person leads a normal life without intense training or work he loses 2-2.5 litres of water daily with breath, sweat, saliva, urine, etc. It means a healthy man needs at least 2-2.5 litres of water to keep well.

And what will happen if the organism develops water deficit? First of all, kidneys stop working properly and some of their functions are performed by the liver. This leads to the slowdown in utilization of waste process. As a result one can experience intoxication and constipations, which are inevitable for those who struggle weight problems and do not drink enough water.

Although some time ago doctors advised to limit drinking down to 1-1.5 litres a day. But no one could ever prove that it really helps to lose weight.

clean drinking water

Secondly, water dificiency as well as its abundancy leads to swelling. If the organism decides it is threatened by dehydration it will hold each drop in its cells. In the result you’ll have a swollen face, legs and arms.

Scientists state that 2 % water deficit leads to indisposition, 6-8% – to faint, 10% – to hallucinations and even coma. In case the organism loses 15-25% of water it results in irreversible processes and even death.

Human brain consists of water up to 85% and is especially sensible to dehydration. Even 1% water deficit can lead to atrophy of brain cells which cannot be restored.

And if we’ve started talking about the head, one should take into an account that headache is often just a signal that the organism needs water. So, instead of immediately taking pills try drinking a glass of pure water.

Interesting fact: a newborn consists of water up to 75 %. If a person lives to 95 years old the amount of water in the organism will discrease to 25 %.

So, the conclusion: if you want to remain young and active drink more water. Ageing is a natural process for every person but the role of water is hard to underestimate.

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