Drink milk to Prevent Heart Diseases!

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Everybody knows that milk is useful. But according to recent researches milk reduces chances of dying from heart disease and stroke. That’s a great fact!

Experts claim that daily milk consumption can cut the risk of developing chronic illness by as much as a fifth.


324 studies have been reviewed on the effects of milk consumption by scientists at Reading and Cardiff universities. The results have revealed that milk protects against developing most diseases, apart from prostate cancer, and can cut deaths from illnesses by 15 to 20 per cent.

Reading University’s Professor Ian Givens states that milk works not only on building strong bones and helping growth:

Our review made it possible to assess whether increased milk consumption provides a survival advantage or not,’ he says. ‘We believe it does.


When the numbers of deaths from coronary heart disease, stroke and colo-rectal cancer were taken into account, there is strong evidence of an overall reduction in the risk of dying.

We found no evidence milk might increase the risk of developing conditions, with the exception of prostate cancer.’

The researchers believe that encouraging greater milk consumption might eventually reduce NHS treatment costs because of lower levels of chronic disease.

There is an urgent need to understand the mechanisms involved and for focused studies to confirm the epidemiological evidence since this topic has major implications for the agri-food industry’ said Professor Givens.

So, drink more milk to be healthier!

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