Dried fruits are For Sweets-Addicted

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The desire to taste something tasty pushes us for the extreme measures: we buy in the sweets, cakes, tarts and then blame ourselves for the fit of weakness. To avoid the feeling of remorse after such kind of stomach impulses, keep dried fruits at your fingertips.

Dried fruits substitute sweets

Dried fruits can be the true salvation for whose, who like sweets. They can perfectly substitute confectionery as they are rich in carbohydrates (fructose, sucrose, glucose) but they contain half calorie in comparison with sugar. Due to the fact that fructose (fruit sugar) is so to say packed into the dietary fiber, it can be absorbed limitedly not allowing the bowels to digest more sugar and cholesterol than it’s necessary. Thus insulin isn’t overrated. The sweets, on the contrary, boost it. So, if to choose between chocolate sweets and dried fruits, the later is less deplorable for your body shape.

Dried fruits have a lot of other advantages over the sweet dainties. First of all, it’s absolutely natural product not containing colouring agents, emulsifiers, stabilizers, nitrites and any food additives. In fact, these are the same fruits but without water.

Dried fruits are Consolation For Sweets-Addicted

Secondly, dried fruits are the real source of the microelements. They have calcium (that strengthens nail, hair and freshens up the face skin), magnesium (regulates hypertension), potassium (improves the cardiovascular and nervous systems, deprives the organism of excess liquid), sodium and iron (maintains the hemoglobin in blood, provides all organs and tissues with oxygen), dietary fiber and pectin (normalize the work of the bowels and stomach).

Thus, a handful of the dried apricots and raisings satisfy the daily maintenance of potassium, 2 oz dried cherries – vitamin B6 and magnesium. And if you include a bit of prunes, fig or dates, you’ll never have problems with the intestine as they are rich in dietary fibers that help the gastrointestinal tract work properly.

Moreover, prunes have a lot of other digestible helpers like organic acids. They increase the acidity inside the bowels and delete the harmful microorganisms. But don’t forget that you should know the limits: dried fruits are labeled as the concentrated products. So, eat them moderately.

One of the main benefits of the dried fruits is the fact that they can be stored for a long time not losing their wholesome characteristics all the year round. They are quite compact: it’s easy to put some of them into your clutch.

Besides, you can choose any dried fruits you want.

Dried Fruits

How to chose and store the dried fruits?

1. First of all, give the preference to the well dried fruits, which are packed into the special packs (sorry for tautology).

2. Light dried fruits (for example dried apricots) darken during drying but the producers process them with sulfur dioxide to keep the salable condition. If you don’t want to eat chemical stuff together with dried fruits, chose the ones with defects and not very bright.

3. Examine the dried fruits well before purchasing. Don’t take the over dried or too soft ones. It indicates to the fact that the production and storing conditions were far from appropriate.

4. Wash them thoroughly!

5. Don’t store them in polyethylene, otherwise they’ll rot quickly. Store them in a linen bag.

Stay slim and indulge yourself with sweet small joy. Dried fruits are the yummy diet!

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