Diet And Fat

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Reduction of fat in the ration is a tried and quite effective weight loss measure. We can easily do it by eating a piece of boiled veal instead of fried pork in the same amount. Furthermore the satiety will be pretty equal.

Diet And Fat4

Meals fat content is a point of habit and everyone can get used to lean soups and garnishes not filled up with mayonnaise. It’s much harder to keep away from the prior meals but you can eat only half of them in case you are unable to give up the fats at all. Fill the second half of the plate with low-calorie vegetables (cucumbers, cabbage, laminaria and so on) without sauce or cheese.

Low-carbohydrate diets are so popular nowadays. They don’t restrict the fat intake provided you count the carbohydrates thoroughly that makes the organism use the coming fat as energy.


But this principle works until there not enough carbohydrates, in other cases the preference will be given to glucose (carbohydrates decay product) as a readily accessible energy source. In any case there should be some indispensable negativen eergy balance otherwise you won’t avoid the weight gaining.

Nevertheless, the bulk majority of scientists and dietitians agree on the opinion that the simpliest and most effective and convenient way of gradual loss of weight and keeping it within the stable limits is the reduction of fat percent in the ration. It means that sometimes it’s enough to lessen the fat rate of your fave dishes to keep your figure slim.

Diet And Fat

Rich food boosts fat gaining much faster than any other due to the following reasons:

1. Though any macronutrients (proteins, fat and carbohydrates) are able to stay in organism as fat, there should be spent some energy to transform carbohydrates and proteins while fat calories direct to the body fat almost without losses.

2. Unlike proteins that require about 30% of energy for digestion, fat and carbonates are assimilated up to 96%.

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3. 1 gramme of fat contains 9 calories, while proteins and carbonates have only 4. That’s why even a small amount of fat brings into the organism a lot of calories eaten quickly and unnoticeable.

4. Fat meals are a habit. It’s easy to get used to the food rich in fat especially if it is accompanied with sugar or starch. Such combination is baneful for the body shapes as high-calorie food is habit-forming very often.

5. Producers of the half-finished and ready-to-eat products usually add fat into their makes because it’s pretty cheap and taste-improving.

6. Scientists come to the conclusion that fat impedes satiation signals into the brains. It leads to the situation when already full person goes on eating, he takes up many of excessive calories for a pretty short time as fattening foods are rich in calories and easily-eaten.

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7. You can exclude fat lessening calorie content without some contra changes of the amount of dishes. According to the recent researches, people don’t notice any difference between 2 foods that vary in calorie of 400 units taken away due to fat. This way can help loose around 1 lb of weight per week.

The WHO researches show that people loose weight and keep it in norm more effectively if they restrict calorie content of the ration requiring only the fat cutback than being on the diets with calorie calculation.

Though the weight loss needs energy deficit attainable by any products limitation, the rich-in-natural-carbonates diet (fruit, vegetables, cereals) with the reduction of products containing a lot of fat and other carbonates (fatty meat, floury meals, sweats), is much more wholesome than other low-calorie diets. Such diets are recommended as preventive measures for teh development of many diseases including high blood pressure and cholesterol, heart disorders, diabetes and others.

Visceral Fat Diagram

Low-fat diet presupposes ration fat decrease up to 20-30% of calorie daily rate. It allows to get all the healthy acids not staying apart from the meat and dairy products. However there are diets that are extremely low in fat – 5-10%. The sort of these diets is rather questionable for the health condition and sometimes can even lift up the risk of some disorders.

The thing is that the organism needs fat at some proportions for vital functions keeping and diseases prevention. Omega-3 and omega-6 are the most irreplaceable fat acids. They are not produced by the organism and have the bulk of wholesome characteristics.

They increase the rate of “good” cholesterol, regulate blood pressure and improve brains operating, strengthen the immune system, release some pains, improve moods, etc. Most of the scientists insist that there should be no less than 20% of fat in the organism otherwise it’s very hard to acquire the indispensable fatty acids.

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