Coffee and Health Benefits

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Few would know, that the morning cup of coffee does not only boost your spirit, but is also really beneficial for your health in the long run. Let’s find out about the health benefits which go along with coffee consumption.

Coffee Benefits the Heart

Coffee Benefits Your Heart

While we all drink that precious beverage, we rarely think of its benefits for our health. As recent researches indicate, coffee is really rich in antioxidants, which could explain why it is beneficial for reducing risks of diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, cirrhosis of the liver and even Alzheimer’s!

The University of Minnesota, has conducted an ongoing study, where they found out that women who drink one to three cups of coffee a day reduce their risk of heart disease by 24 percent compared with those who don’t drink coffee. Similar finds were presented by the University of Madrid, which also made a longitude study on coffee consumption. Their results varied in numbers, because they stated that 34 % of women are less likely to die of heart disease.

Coffee Benefits the Heart

Researchers are still trying to find out why exactly coffee is so beneficial for the heart, however they are prone to think that it is the antioxidant properties of coffee. The antioxidants found in coffee are known as polyphenols and they are also found in fruits, vegetables, red wine and chocolate. However the recent study shows that Americans receive major part of antioxidants through daily coffee consumption. These antioxidants may help to block inflammation and limit cell damage, which are widely associated with cardiovascular diseases.

There is no perfect amount of caffeine which would be beneficial, however too much caffeine is also risky. As you know, caffeine is not beneficial for sleep, as it blocks the release of adenosine, a chemical believed to induce sleepiness. So as you see, coffee has beneficial sides, as well as drawbacks, and only you can choose how much coffee is really good for your health. The moderate consumption of coffee is the key to harmony.

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