Chocolate: panacea from stress

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We love chocolate. ‘It is delicious and useful for health’ we often say to ourselves eating another box of chocolate sweets. But is it? Can it be wholesome? Yes, it can and it is, only if you don’t consume it in kilos.

According to a recent research a small bar of dark chocolate a day helps keep stress away. It was found that chocolate cuts levels of stress hormones and rebalances other chemicals in the body during times of high anxiety.

The study involved a group of men and women who were asked to eat 20g of dark chocolate – about half a small bar – morning and evening. Scientists monitored their stress hormone production.


Just two weeks after the research began the high hormone levels in those under the most pressure fell, the Journal of Proteome Research reports.

Researcher Sunil Kochhar, who works for Nestle, said the study by Dutch and Swiss scientists ‘provides strong evidence that a daily consumption of 40g is sufficient to modify the metabolism of healthy volunteers’. He also added that stress reduction has long-term health benefits.

Another research has shown that just a 6.7g portion of dark chocolate a day – that is a quarter of an ounce – can cut the risk of heart disease by up to a third.

The newly-found benefits were attributed to flavanols, plant chemicals that reduce inflammation linked to heart disease, decrease the number of blood clots and help to keep diabetes and high blood pressure in check.

However, this doesn’t mean one can eat lots of chocolate, especially that of high in fat and sugar. Be moderate in everything and be healthy!

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