Blake Lively’s Diet Plan

Blake Lively undoubtedly has one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood. Intensive workouts coupled with healthy yet strict diet plan worked out exclusively for Blake by a celebrated trainer Bobby Strom help her keep in shape. Read on to learn all the details about Blake Lively’s diet plan.

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We’ve already found out workout tips that keep Blake Lively in so enviably hot shape. Now it is time to check out what one should eat to get the same hot body. Just below you will find everything concerning Blake Lively’s diet plan shared by her personal Green Lantern trainer, Bobby Strom.

Blake Lively’s Diet Plan

At first be ready to a very strict diet plan as Bobby admits that in order to prepare the 23-year-old actress for her Green Lantern role he let her eat only porridge, flaxseed and almond milk. Strom has even retrained and become her personal chief.


With this project I did all the cooking. For breakfast I made Blake eat oatmeal. I’d cook a big batch of steel cut oatmeal – not the instant type they sell in packets.

He explained that oatmeal is a very good complex carbohydrate, which is low in fat.

I added a little almond milk to sweeten it and a bit of protein powder so they got some carbohydrate and protein in one meal and I also added some flaxseeds which are essential fats.


For lunch Bobby used to serve chicken breast or ahi tuna because of its protein richness. Moreover Blake Lively was allowed to eat vegetables with no limits. According to Bobby Strom:

Vegetables are carbohydrates that you can eat in bulk. You could eat a lot of grilled vegetables.


Dinner included the same nutritional plan as for lunch but with brown rice, lean steak or sweet potato for a change.

Sometimes I’d give them flank steak, which is a really lean red meat. Then I’d put an oil and vinegar dressing on the salad.

And to conclude Bobby Strom adds that drinking alcohol is an absolute taboo if you want to get slim figure.

Alcohol is the biggest no-no because it’s just empty calorie.

Blake Lively’s Hot Body Tips

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