Best Beauty Foods

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Best Beauty Foods

Beauty of your hair, skin and nails has a lot to do with the proper nutrition. In other words you can simply eat your way to beauty. Fall on the foods rich in such “beauty agents” as omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, antioxidants and more for stronger nails, shinier hair and clearer complexion.


Best Beauty Foods

Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries… all these kinds of berries are amazing source of Vitamin C that is one of the greatest antioxidants, which is absolutely irreplaceable for collagen production. Nutritionists recommend including berries in your diet each day to keep skin smooth and young by stimulating collagen production.

Green Tea

Best Beauty Foods

Green tea is a well-known weight-loss remedy. Besides, drinking green tea daily can help to detoxify skin, and prevent aging. Green tea is a great antioxidant that is even 200 times more effective than Vitamin E in fighting free radicals.


Best Beauty Foods

Tomatoes are the greatest source of lycopene. Beside reducing the risk of some cancers, lycopene is a perfect antioxidant for our skin that is thought to protect against sunburn. And by the way, lycopene is better absorbed if it is processed into ketchup, juice or any other kind of tomato products.

Kiwi Fruit

Best Beauty Foods

Kiwi fruit is another great source of Vitamin C and potassium, both being highly effective in fighting against wrinkles.

Low-Fat Milk

Best Beauty Foods

Low-fat milk is a miraculous source of calcium and potassium which are necessary for those who want to keep beauty and health. Low-fat milk is perfect to keep your nails strong, make your posture perfect and smile beautiful. Besides, a glass of low-fat milk can provide your body with 10 g of protein to make your hair, skin & nails healthy.

More nutrition tips you need to know in order to keep beauty of your hair, skin & nails:










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