Banana Diet – Delicious and Easy Way to Lose Weight

Banana diet is one of the easiest and therewith delicious ways to lose weight. Due to natural sugar that bananas contain, banana diet can easily help to depress appetite, so if you want to lose some extra pounds effortlessly, find out our banana diet tips.

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Banana wonderfully combine its pleasant taste with healthful properties. Banana is the greatest remedy for curing gastrointestinal tract diseases; moreover this exotic fruit is rich in vitamins, microelements, dietary fiber and natural sugar. As you know all these substances are essential for normal work of our organism. Despite its calorie content, banana is considered to be dietary, as it contains little fat.

Banana Diet – Delicious and Easy Way to Lose Weight

Choose one of two banana dieting variants:

Banana Diet (Variant #1)

Here bananas are combined with milk or yogurt that gives the possibility to evacuate the stomach. This type of banana diet lasts for 3-4 days and helps to lose up to 10 pounds. The daily ration should include 3 bananas and as many glasses of milk. Plan your meals for the whole day and drink green tea or clear water between your food intakes.

Banana Diet (Variant #2)

Another variant of banana diet lasts longer, up to 7 days. You can eat bananas at any time during the day but no more than 10 bananas a day. Green tea and water is also allowed. Your organism would get only 1300 kilocalories, that’s why long-term dieting can lead to protein lack, thus your ration should be supplemented with pair of boiled eggs.

Banana Diet – Delicious and Easy Way to Lose Weight

So both dieting variants would provide your organism with potassium that is so wholesome for heart activity. And the only disadvantage of any monodiet is that women often forget about limits when dieting plan is over and begin to garbage down almost everything and it surely leads to gaining even more extra pounds. Therefore I’d like to remind you that switching over to your usual ration should be gradual.

Nevertheless banana diet advantages are absolutely obvious. Besides body detoxification you would boost your metabolism rate and therefore become slender and healthier.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    How about coffee? I can’t take coffee while
    On the banana diet?

  2. banana and milk diet Says:

    Thanks for sharing , it’s very informative :)

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