Anti-Smoking Diet

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– Would you like a cigarette?
– No, thanks. Give a glass of milk instead, pl!

Contrary to the well known fact that milk is wholesome for the kids, scientists from the Medical Center of Duke University (NC, USA) recommend to drink milk both adults and children. Those grownups who want to get rid of smoking habit should take milk regularly.

Woman drinking a glass of milk

The researchers tested 209 inveterate smokers and asked them to list the products improving and worsening the nicotine taste. About 19% admitted that when they fall on dairy products, the taste of tobacco becomes unbearable. About 16% of the respondents were sure that vegetables and fruits worsen the taste of cigarettes. 14% more revealed that they can’t have cigarettes, water and juices at the same time.

A glass of milk is anti-smoking diet

The list of the product improving the tobacco taste include alcohol, coffee, tea, Coca-Cola, and for some reasons meat. Thus, the authors of the research received the data that could help in working out the special diet for the smokers. It’s quite possible to influence the attitude toward smoking habit when establishing the ration or diet of a smoker without any significant sufferings.

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