5 Tips to Boost Metabolism Rate

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5 Tips to Boost Metabolism Rate

Surely each of us has ever wondered why somebody can eat everything without restrictions and stay slim, while others put on weight just because of thoughts about food. The answer is quite simple. It depends on our metabolism rate that is determined by genes, physique, age, sex and even our emotional state. It is absolutely obvious that everything except the latest point can’t be changed. But nevertheless we can deceive our organism and boost our metabolism rate. Below you will find 5 tips that will help you to boost your metabolism rate.

Eat often but little

No doubt it is a fact of common knowledge but anyway I can’t slide it over. Scientists found out that at the average person should eat 5-6 times a day (here even an apple is considered to be a meal). Special attention should be paid to breakfasts and dinners.

Drink water 10 minutes before food intake or 30 minutes after

5 Tips to Boost Metabolism Rate

The problem is that water excretes three times faster than food. And if you dilute your food with water it wouldn’t boost your metabolism rate but it would be the other way round.

Contrast Shower

5 Tips to Boost Metabolism Rate

Thermal massage or contrast shower has a great influence on the metabolism process. Besides by taking contrast shower you will make your skin soft and improve blood circulation.

Eat Lemons

5 Tips to Boost Metabolism Rate

Lemons are the great remedy to boost your immunity; but besides it also can boost your metabolism rate.


5 Tips to Boost Metabolism Rate

Juniper essence should be stored in every woman’s beauty set, as 5-6 drops of the essence added in hot bath water wonderfully boost metabolism rate and relieve muscle pain.

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  1. james Says:

    This is the most interesting weight loss article I have seen. Something similar was recently featured on one of the news channels and it really makes you sit up and think about how important getting exercise is for your health.

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