5 Sizes Drop in Half a Year

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Food combining gains more and more followers with every year. The adherents of this diet assure that this is a wholesome food system that allows saying good bye to unwelcome sizes. The main thing is to follow the main principles of the rational product distribution.

Food Combining1

First of all you should get used to the simple rules that seem difficult. But following them you’ll see your weight melting on your eyes. You’ll have to stay away from some of the products, for example, coffee that is a life elixir for lots of us, also from the usual combi of meat and potato that contradicts with the food combining rules.

So, if you are ready to sacrifice the childhood-accustomed-stereotypes, then you’ll loose the weight significantly in a couple of months.

Food Combining4

The basic principle of this method is to take proteins and carbohydrates separately. The proteins of the animal origin: eggs, meat, fish, milk, kefir, cheese should be parted from carbohydrates: bread, chocolate, sweet fruits, potato, farinaceous food.

Then you shouldn’t mix up various kinds of proteins (milk and eggs, fish and curds) or proteins with fat. Milk should be taken apart from all the other products as well as sweet berries and fruit.

Fish and meat aren’t to be blend and meat with bread either. Meat and fish aren’t eaten with potato, macaroni, and cereals that is very usual for us. Meat and fish should be garnished with vegetables only. The preference is given to the boiled and stewed one.

Food combining it is the giving up tea and coffee. Though green tea can be taken easily and unlimited (without sugar).

Food Combining

A month of such regime will clean all the digestible canals of chemical waste stocked there by years. That’s why the unwanted pounds slip away smoothly – without starvation and limitation. Moreover the need in meat will diminish significantly in a few month and you’ll feel full up having a piece of beef steak.

One more important principle is not to prepare the food for the future use. Cook and eat at the same time.

Now what concerns the main difficulty: to divide the products rich in proteins and carbonates are practically impossible. Even that simple macaroni and bread that are numbered among the carbonate products contain proteins. There is no only this or that chemically stuffed food. That’s why it should be correct to say that there are products with a privilege of one or another component.

Protein products are: all sorts of meat, bird and fish – no smoked; all the boiled-fried sorts of sausage, soy – bean products, eggs and milk, wine, all berries (except bilberries), all citrus.

Carbonate products are: farinaceous food, all the sorts of cereals: wheat, rye, millet, oats, corn, rice, barley, buckwheat; macaroni, semolina, dried fruits and sweets.

Food Combining2

In theory there are the neutral products that are easily combined with both of them. These are vegetable oils, natural butter, dietary sorts of margarine; cultured milk foods: kefir, yogurt, sour cream, cream, curbs, and thick sour milk.

The sample of a food combining program day:


Carbonate breakfast: curbs, porridges, rolled oats, muesli, and sandwiches with cheese, summer sausage, fish or caviar, rolls.

Protein breakfast: eggs of any kind: boiled, omelette, fried eggs and sausage.


If to cook a meat or fish dish for a lunch, then you should have vegetable salad, meat, bird or fish as a second course of a meal. Use vegetable narrow instead of potato. It tastes almost the same. Also goes well rice and macaroni as a garnish for the second course. And that will be very delicious with some smoked or salted fish, chicken or meat. It means that there is no feeling of lack of meat in your ration.

The more you follow the food combining, the less you want to indulge yourself with various smoked foods.

Food Combining3


It must be always protein: chicken, fish, meat and vegetable salads. One of the best garnishes for the whole family will be omelette or fried eggs.

Dietitians themselves are pretty confused about the fruit. Some of them don’t distinguish them according to the groups but even contradict each other.

We don’t hesitate a lot and direct all the fruit to the neutral group products. It’s so unbelievably great to feel in two months the stomach lightness even after the abundant gluttony.

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