5 Good Reasons To Ditch Fast Carbs

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Fast carbs are the culprit of excess weight, there is no way around it and the more of them you ditch the thinner your waistline gets. It’s been tried and tested and it’s been proven by so many weight loss success stories. Now if you’re not sold on this one great reason, let me give you another four.


Fast carbs are often processed, which doesn’t give them much nutritional value. Sure they may taste great but your body doesn’t get the good stuff from them because there is simply none or insignificant amount of it. You load up on empty calories that don’t help your digestion or nourish your cells but most times on the contrary clog them with extra fat causing all kinds of health problems.

Another good reason to ditch the majority of fast carbs from your diet is to actually feel more satiated. See when you’re eating simple fast carbs your sugar level increasingly rises and drops just as quickly, which gives you the feeling of energy drainage. Eating complex slow carbs can help you feel fuller and more energized for longer periods of time.

Fast carbs often go with tons of sugar. Soda, potato chips, and even white bread have lots of sugar in them, which not only causes inflammation in the body but is also related to other smaller problems like acne and can potentially lead to diseases like diabetes.

And if that’s still not enough, the recent study published by Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention found that people whose diet is rich in refined fast carbs are at 49% (forty nine) higher risk of lung cancer. The researchers from University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center have studied 1,905 new lung cancer patients and 2,413 healthy participants and found that the quality of carbs was more important that their quantity when it comes to heightened risk of lung cancer.

So there you have, fast carbs may be delicious and there is no way we can ditch all of them for life, but eating them less will definitely not only make you healthier, slimmer, but also reduce your risk of disease be it cancer or diabetes.

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