3 Ways To Keep Your Weight In Check

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Almost every woman had at least a couple of dieting cycles in her life. You go on a diet, lose weight, fit into that dress, and after relaxing for a while you notice that it’s time to diet again. Isn’t that tedious?

How to Maintain Weight

Weight management

There are more than a few diets out there that can help you lose a lot of water (not fat) in the first few days but they are hard to stick to for more than a week. And then you are so hungry and psychologically tired all you want is a big juicy burger or two, or three. The water comes back and you are in even worse situation than the one described earlier. If you are like many people counting calories may not be the best weight managing tool for you. So here are a few tricks that can help you keep your weight from fluctuating.

Stay off fad diets

If you decided to shed some weight don’t go for detoxes, cleanses, and one food diets. Yes, a one day cleanse may be good for your digestive system but doing it for days in order to lose weight is a recipe for disasterous rebound. Instead clean up your diet by reducing sweets, junk food, and processed foods to the minimum and maybe also decreasing your portions if necessary. Besides the results from fad diets are dubious, they make your body shed water, which you will regain once you start eating as usual.

Eat by 80/20 rule

If you managed to lose weight and want to keep it where it is simply not going back to your old eating habits will ensure that you don’t regain all the weight back with time. For easier maintenance eat by 80/20 rule, where 80 per cent of your food intake is clean wholesome foods and the 20 per cent of anything you like.

Track changes

If you want to be more precise about your weight management use whatever measurement tools you find more suiting to keep track of your weight (that’s how you’ll know if you should amend your diet). Don’t obssess over it though especially if you work out as neither scale nor even a measuring tape can tell you exactly why the weight changed. Use mirror and pictures to track your progress more closely.

Keeping your weight in check is important because you keep fitting into the dresses but also keep your skin smooth and tight without stretching out and tightening up with every weight gain and loss.

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