12 Tips To Avoid Before-Go-To-Bed-Meals

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It’s a one thousand first time promise that you give to yourself – not to eat before going to the bed. But the closer the night is, the harder your hanger is. Yummy pictures emerge in front of your eyes constantly and your legs pull you to the fridge by themselves.

Later, when the “crime” is done, you get the feeling of despair. Culinary images are changed by the heart-rending visions of your rounded belly and hips. Is that situation familiar to you? If there was something you could do with it? Probably, there is!

Here are 12 helpful tips of how to withstand hunger pressure.

Woman Drinking Water

1. Deceive your stomach with liquid. Dink one glass of mineral water with a piece of lemon, tomato juice or one cup of green tea. The liquid will fill your empty belly and deaden the hunger.

2. Take a hot bath. It lessens the appetite and relaxes your body. Intensified perspiration will take the excessive liquid out of the organism.

3. If you feel that your hunger became unbearable, do some physical exercises. They will draw your attention from fixed idea to get to the fridge and burn up couple of the excessive calories. Moreover, the appetite decreases right after the physical activity. But don’t go too far with it; otherwise it’ll be difficult to fall asleep.


4. Aroma therapy can help to keep down your appetite. As soon as you feel an urge to an unplanned food intake, smell a grapefruit rind, aromatic oil or some perfume; light up the aroma candles. Floral and fruit scents are the most effective.

5. Treat yourself to a light dessert just right after the dinner. For example, there can be fruits, low-fat yoghurt, or small piece of black chocolate. That will put you in good spirits and its aftertaste will help in a battle against your appetite.

6. Never add spicery to the last meal as they whet your appetite and heighten the hunger after you’ve done with the dinner.

Woman Eating Fruits

7. Don’t leave high-calorie food visible. That’ll be better if you put fruits or vegetables on your most popular places in case of your control loose so that the “snack” won’t harm you.

8. Go for a walk before you go to sleep. Warning! Long walk can do contra effect and erase the appetite. So you should choose the right time for it after which you go directly to the bed.

Walking Woman

9. Chewing gum can also help. Try sugar-free and fruit one. Masticatory reflex and sweet taste in the mouth can trick your appetite.

10. Brush your teeth. Here should work the conditioned reflex: we don’t eat after teeth cleaning.

11. Imaging yourself how beautiful, slim, charming, attractive and sexy you are. Can such woman get herself fill before sleep?

12. If there are problems with the imagination, look though a glossy. Real slim beauties will win over the appetite no doubts.

The main thing in this battle is the result that you see in the mirror reflection and feel two sizes less. Try the tips and share how that was.

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