Courteney Cox’s Secret to Keep in Shape

Courteney Cox is already 47, but she looks even better than lots of 20-year-old girls. We know how she manages to stay fit. Keep reading to find out Courteney Cox’s secret to keep in shape.

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Courteney Cox’s Secret to Keep in Shape

The 47-year-old actress Courteney Cox is no doubt looking as gorgeous and fit as she was during her Friends run! Fortunately in her latest interview with New Beauty magazine Courteney spilled the beans on her secret to keep in shape and maintain her youthful look, unveiling that she works out using celebrated Tracy Anderson Method (that is by the way the fave workout method among such celebs as Madonna, Kate Hudson and others).

Besides intensive exercising, Courteney Cox opens up about her healthy nutrition plan. Cox prefers eating a light breakfast, opt for chicken salad to eat for lunch, and steak, chicken or fish with vegetables for dinner. Although she goes for healthy eating most of the time, Courteney ‘does cheat, on occasion, with pasta or bread and butter’.

And I do eat a lot of cheese and nuts, which is probably not the best idea.

Courteney Cox adds.

Therewith Courtney insists that ageing actually has some positive benefits on how woman looks like.

Beauty over 40 is a slippery slope, but the life experience and knowledge we gain can make us sexier with age.

Well, the way she looks is the best confirmation to her own words, innit?

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