Best Natural Cough Medicine

You’ve already tried everything to cure harassing persistent cough, but nothing helps. Don’t give up; scientists have found something that can cure your cough easily. Keep reading to find out what is considered to be the best natural cough medicine.

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Who could have imagined that chocolate is not only the most efficient natural anti-depressant, but as well one of the best natural cough medicine.

Best Natural Cough Medicine

Scientist have recently found another health benefit of chocolate, it can cure cough! The research has showed that chocolate contains theobromine that can treat the root cause of persistent coughing. Moreover according to British scientists Theobromine is the even better cough medicine than all these common codeine-based cough suppressants.

Hallelujah, we can finally say goodbye to all these nasty cough medicine and just tuck away tons of chocolate using cough as a cover!

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