3 Ways To Lose Thanksgiving Dinner Weight

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If you’re seeing extra weight on the scale it mean the Thanksgiving dinner was ultra delicious. Now it’s time to work it off and lose all that water weight. Right, if you’ve been dieting prior to yesterday evening it’s just the water weight you’re seeing on a scale/in the mirror. Just take a deep breath and sip on some lemon water if you’re suffering from bloating.

Post-Thanksgiving Weight Loss Strategy

Pumpkins and kettlebell

Eat Lightly

Today of all days is the time for some salad. Seriously though, if you want to quickly bounce back, just try to reduce your portions today or eat something light like a lemon dressing salad made with greens and water-y veg like cucumbers and tomatoes.

Work Out

If you have some free time, even a 30 minute workout will do you a world of good. For one, you will be feeling stronger than usual, and you will also help your body burn some extra calories. Opt for weight training or an HIIT session today to get the most out of your session.

Walk It Off

If you’re not up to training today take your friends or family members for a long walk. Aim for a few miles because with cardio you burn calories as long as you’re moving.

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