True Blood Hottie Ryan Kwanten Got Wet for Men’s Health November 2010

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True Blood Hottie Ryan Kwanten Got Wet for Men's Health November 2010

True Blood hottie Ryan Kwanten got wet for Men’s Health November 2010 showing off a bit of his sexy husky body. This 33-year-old Aussie star drives crazy not only the True Blood followers but as well a good half of females all over the world! So no wonder Ryan Kwanten covers Men’s Health mag’s November 2010 issue, quite a good deal for Men’s Health, I guess.

But besides his hot body and bewitching smile, he reasoned on his workout regimen and his attitude towards (you won’t believe!!!)… YOGA!

I used to laugh at anyone suggesting it. But over time, you learn how to spend an hour not worrying about what anyone else is thinking. For guys especially, that’s a good thing.

True Blood Hottie Ryan Kwanten Got Wet for Men's Health November 2010

And you know also Ryan Kwanten admits that his workouts are generally held outside, in nature. And he stands out of actor’s crowd as his workouts are not only for his True Blood breakthrough, and moreover he is going to keep his athletic build.

And one more Ryan Kwanten’s distinction from the masses that he uses booze (lol) to hydrate for sporting!

I’ve been known to turn up drunk at triathlons and do very well,

Ryan Kwanten admits to Men’s Health magazine in its November 2010 issue.

Well, what can I say! Carry on, Ryan, but maybe the results would be much better without drinks!

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