Shape November 2011: Dr. Oz & Lisa Sharing Their Tips for Strong Family Ties

All-over smiling and happy Dr. Oz and his wife Lisa are featured on the Shape November 2011 cover. Just glance at them, the Ozes looked like they know for sure the secret of everlasting love and strong happy marriage. Read on to learn their tips for strong family ties.

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Shape November 2011: Dr. Oz & Lisa Sharing Their Tips for Strong Family Ties

Dr. Oz and his charming wife, Lisa has appeared on the cover of Shape November 2011 issue. Being married for (!) 26 years already, they still look like a very happy pair, innit? Learn the Ozes’ secret for strong family ties.

Firstly, don’t think that Dr. Oz and his wife Lisa have a ‘storybook perfect marriage’. As every couple they also have problems, but they understand that relationship is a hard work, that is why they’ve learnt how to get over difficulties together:

No relationship is flawless…But if you’re committed and willing to put the work in, it can thrive. We’re pretty much like any other couple. We fight—a lot—and there are times when we’re bored with each other.

Lisa admits.

Tips for strong family ties exclusively from Dr. Oz and Liza:

  • “Whenever he’s doing something that’s driving me crazy, I think about one of his traits I absolutely adore…”
  • “I’ve come to realize you can’t sit around and wait for the other person to do the things you want to do. If you want him to be more romantic, be more romantic yourself. In other words, light your own damn candles!”
  • “It’s difficult to love someone you don’t respect, which is hard to remember when you’re having an argument. Lisa knows how to push my buttons. She doesn’t do it on purpose, but it happens. Then we fight and make up.”
  • “My prescription for sex… is to have it as often as possible! Sex helps you live longer. It’s been scientifically proven that twice a week equals three more years of life.”
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