Pink CoverGirl Women’s Health Jan. 2010

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The Women’s Health Mag caught up the amazingly-shaped Pink for the January 2010 issue.

Pink Womens Health January 2010

It’s a really January cover! It seems as if Pink just woke up after the New Year Party still in a glam gold sparkling skirt and a white unbuttoned shirt.

The 30-years-old rock singer’s for-the-second-time-husband-to-be Carey Hart recently got a tattoo of Pink on his leg.

He wrote, “1st tat2 session on my leg by @francovescovi. @pink portrait done day of the dead style. @biggusink is up next!!”

In the Women’s Health issue January 2010 she talks about her album Funhouse, her great body shape and Britney Spears.

On her seeing of Sasha Fierce [Beyoncé’s alter ego]:

“[Laughs] No! Pink is just me. Chi-Chi Marie is my Sasha Fierce. My girlfriends in New York named me that. All of their middle names are Marie. Mine’s Beth, but to them I’m Chi-Chi Marie.”

On being pissed at Carey when making the album Funhouse:

“No, I wasn’t [Big sigh] Long-term relationships are a layered onion. There’s something about him I love, and I want him to be OK, even if he’s not with me.”

On her secret of the recent sporty figure:

“Last year, when I was going through my separation [from competitive motocross racer Carey Hart], I was in Malibu running every day just to keep from burying myself in the sand—to get out, feel the ocean. You’ve got to make yourself feel good at times like that. Even if it’s a pain in the ass and you hate working out, the endorphins and the stress you bring down [help]. You feel strong, healthy. You feel good about yourself, your jeans fit.”

On Britney Spears as one of the girls she sings about in “Stupid Girls”:

“I’ve always liked Britney. I swear to God, I’ve stuck up for Britney since the beginning. She and I have talked about it. My point was, ‘Stop comparing he to her, because we’re different animals.’”


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