Maria Menounos Shows Off Her Flat Tummy For Women’s Health

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Gorgeous beauty, Maria Menounos is featured on the cover of the July 2013 issue for the Women’s Health magazine. Showing off her flat tummy, Maria reveals the tips on being picture ready in 10 minutes and about the abs workout routine.

Maria Menounos For Women’s Health July 2013

Maria Menounos For Women's Health

Maria Menounos fronts Women’s Health For July 2013

Maria Menounos, an actress and a journalist from Extra has made it to the cover of the famous magazine Women’s Health. The 35-year-old beauty of the Greek decent, Maria definitely has an amazing body to show off. She has been very conscious about her routine workout plans and that is very evident during the hot bikini season. Just a few ago, Maria was spotted on the beach on Greece along with her boyfriend, Kevin Undergaro with whom she has been together with for 15 years! She commented that despite the long duration of their relationship, they are still crazy about each other:

I don’t know—we just still are spicy. We’re funny with each other—making each other laugh makes a big difference.

Well, how does she maintain her gorgeous looks? It has been rumored that Maria can be picture ready in just ten minutes. Unbelievable, right? Her teenage pageant experience is what helps her to be so quick about that:

Being organized is the biggest tip. At home you need a system that will make things easy.

Maria Menounos For Women's Health

Maria Menounos On Vacation In Greece

In regard to her body workout routine, Maria is very passionate and dedicated to that. She does Skater lunges, Lying Triceps Extension, Alternating Superman, Spider-Man Plank, Trunk Twists. Just five moves, but don’t think that they are easy. These workouts are quite intense leaving you sweaty but satisfied with results. You might think that Maria also is very strict with her diet, however, she has her own secrets in regard to the splurges on yumminess:

My splurges are definitely, and I don’t consider pizza a splurge but people consider pizza a splurge so I’ll say it, pizza, french fries, cheeseburgers. I love going to Chili’s and getting loaded potato skins and their hot chocolate chip cookie skillet dessert. I love everything, I don’t think there’s food that I don’t like to be honest.

Well is that motivating or what?

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