Maria Menounos for Shape July 2012

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Maria Menounos for Shape July 2012

Maria Menounos is featured in Shape July 2012 edition. Looking nothing but gorgeous, Maria Menounos dishes on how she got this hot bikini body, on her “Dancing with the Stars” experience and more. Make sure you learn all details of her interview with Shape July 2012.

Shape July 2012: Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos on her “Dancing with the Stars” experience: “No one will ever understand the pain I went through to stay in the running, but it was worth it. To learn how to dance and have shared this experience with all my fans and loved ones was truly magical. I didn’t want my time on the show to end, but I’m thrilled and honored that I made it as far as I did.”

Maria Menounos for Shape July 2012

Maria Menounos on her physical injuries: “Don’t get me started on all of my injuries. First I broke two ribs, next I had three stress fractures on my left foot and two in my right, then I had some sort of tendon thing I don’t understand, and I think I may have broken something in my hand. It was so bad, Derek [Hough, her partner on the show] had to give me piggyback rides everywhere.”

Maria Menounos on her father’s strength of will: “My dad’s very disciplined. More than 40 years ago, he was diagnosed with diabetes and told not to eat sugar. He never touched it again! He took his disease seriously, which is why he’s so robust today.”

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