Liam McIntyre On January/February 2013 Cover of Men’s Health

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Liam McIntyre On January/February 2013 Cover of Men's Health

Spartacus star Liam McIntyre is on the January/February 2013 cover of Men’s Health. The actor talks workout and diet in his interview with the magazine. The actor told Men’s Health that to prepare for this role he and the cast went through a “gladiator boot camp” that includes a thirty minute exercise divided into three 10 minute segments and a Circle of Death group workout.

Afterward you feel exhausted but you take 30 minutes to recover and you feel like your body is changing in front of you. That’s a full workout—it sucks the life out of you and you feel as if you’re on top of the world. You feel yourself growing stronger and stronger,

McIntyre says about the so-called A Dirty 30.

As a younger actor, my motivation may have been ‘Do you want that job or don’t you?’ . Now it’s ‘Do you want to look like crap on film?’ 

Liam McIntyre On January/February 2013 Cover of Men's Health

At first we needed to get up to speed with fighting ability, gymnastics, and body coordination,

says a stunt performer and Liam McIntyre’s personal trainer, Tyrone Bell.

Now he’s learned his body. He knows his body, and he’s growing, he’s agile, he’s got it down pat. When last season finished up, he continued to work in the off-season, and he came back all ready—and definitely one of our fittest guys.

He’s very, very competitive. Whatever I lift, he attempts to lift. He won’t back down from anything.

McIntyre’s diet includes oatmeal with protein powder, lean protein like fish or chicken and once a week he’ll have any amount of calories but only for 2 hours.

You say, ‘To hell with it’ and cheat, but then you try to fight vomiting—and you realize why you cheat only once a week. It’s not a cheat day; it’s 2 hours where I can have as many calories as I want. I’ll have pizza, maybe a burger. My girlfriend likes baking, so every Friday I have cheesecake waiting for me during those 2 hours.

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