Keri Russell Fit For Women’s Health May 2013

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Beautiful actress, Keri Russell is showing off her fancy abs as she appears on the cover of Women’s Health magazine for May 2013 issue. Not only her abs appear perfectly flat and fit, in the accompanying interview she reveals the secrets of balancing her career and motherhood, while she also gives us some tips on staying fit.

Keri Russell Covers Women’s Health May 2013

Keri Russell For Women's Health May 2013

Keri Russell For Women’s Health May 2013
Keri Russell, a 37-old television star, sure is really fit, as she sports her tummy from the Women’s Health editorial for May 2013. She is mostly known for her role in FX Television series The Americans, where she plays a leading role of Elizabeth Jennings. Incredibly fit Russell proves that a mom can be in perfect shape, however, she does admit that it is quite hard because she tries to balance her career and motherhood:

It’s tough. I try to quell my guilt by saying I’m a better mom if I’m interested in my own life. I’m not resentful. I can be really engaged when I am there. I like the yin and yang of both worlds, and I think it would be hard for me to give up either one.

Keri Russell For Women's Health May 2013

Keri Russell Sporting Amazing Abs

We wonder now what is the secret to her slim figure? First of all, she admits to eat everything, but in small quantities. This is Keri’s secret to staying slim. However, that is not all, fitness is also very crucial. Now, a mother of two says that to stay fit one needs to:

My number one healthy tip? Everyone should dance more. Everyone should walk more. I mean that’s one of the great things about living in Brooklyn and in New York. You get to eat a big rich fatty meal but then you can walk home.

However, despite the fabulous abs, Russell admits she lost her delicious plump 25-year old butt, and she regrets it. Oh, well life goes on, and instead of a 25-year-old butt, she has an acting career, two kids and amazing abs!

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