Kenny Chesney for Men’s Health June 2012

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Kenny Chesney has recently appeared on the cover of Men’s Health magazine (June 2012). Besides being a hot June 2012 coverboy, the famous country singer shares some of his fitness tips inside the mag. Be sure to learn all the details of his interview with Men’s Health June 2012 edition.

Men's Health June 2012: Kenny Chesney

Men’s Health June 2012: Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney on his fitness regimen: “I don’t go in here [gym] and try to bench-press 200 pounds… You think you’re sprinting on this treadmill. When I’m up there it’s like I’m at a constant sprint at a 15 level. But the thing you have onstage that you don’t have in the gym is adrenaline.

Kenny Chesney on his eating habits: “Growing up in East Tennessee, everything you do revolves around food.”

Though he doesn’t eat many dairy products, hasn’t touched salt in 10 years, hasn’t had bread “in a while”.

Men's Health June 2012: Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney on his attitude to drugs and smoking: “I’ve never abused my body with drugs. I’ve never smoked. But I will say that I’ve probably been overserved a lot. You can’t spend 19 years on the road and not have a few drinks.”

Kenny Chesney on how he works: “One, I’m a little bit of a control freak. Two, I’m a whole lot of workaholic. If the catering sucks, whatever, it reflects on me because I pay for it. That’s why.”

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