Katharine McPhee Graces Women’s Health April 2013

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American singer, Katharine McPhee is gracing the cover of Women’s Health magazine for April 2013 issue. Young beauty is proudly displaying her flat tummy in the gorgeous skirt paired with AllSaints Rosyn Sweater. Inside the magazine, she shared her secrets on staying fit and healthy and of course shed some light on her relationship and career. So don’t miss it and read on!

Katherine McPhee on Women's Health April 2013

Katharine McPhee for Women’s Health April 2013

Katharine Mcphee, whose career escalated quickly after the American Idol show in 2006, is now quite popular. While promoting her albums, back in 2010, she also got into the TV series activities, appearing occasionally here and there. Now, she is a singer and an actress, appearing in a leading role in “Smash” series on NBC. Katharine McPhee made the Forbes list of the 10 Top-Earning American Idols earning $1.1 million!

Katherine McPhee on Women's Health April 2013

How in that busy career she finds some time for herself? In behind the scenes of the magazine photoshoot, she confessed about her sneak outs to workout. McPhee prefers to wear ankle weights, however, she also advised to wear them in private – because they don’t look really attractive. She also mentioned her favorite healthy snacks, specifically the Balance Bars and apples.

Meanwhile Katharine McPhee shared hers tips on battling anxiety: “I try to take as many deep breaths as I can, but you have to force yourself. When your heart is racing, you want to take little, shallow breaths.”

Katherine McPhee on Women's Health April 2013

McPhee also mentioned that she is not a very open person, but a really shy and modest one. She revealed that she cannot come to a producer and so to say “self-promote”, as other singers and actors do. Well, that is quite surprising, don’t you think?

On the last note, she mentioned her relationship with Nick Cokas, who she has been married to for 5 years already:

“I’m definitely not the aggressor. The first time I met [my husband, Nick Cokas], I didn’t think of it as anything— especially because I met him at a workplace. There, you’re focused on what you’re there for, and then you’re like, Oh, you’re cute!”

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